12 Best Trekking Destinations in the Himalayas, Nepal

The sight of the giant Himalayas from the front row seat is forevermore euphoric. There is nothing as blissful as witnessing the white snow-covered mountains shimmering under the vivid sun. These knife-edge peaks crease over the blue sky making one feel close to it and yet so far to reach. Only the brave hearts can take in the crisp mountain air that fills their lungs as they walk past the dramatic passes and quaint villages through the spectacular trekking routes. Nepal is known to offer such experiences to every keen trekker.

While Nepal offers ample trekking routes for avid trekkers to choose from, here are the 12 best trekking destinations in Nepal. A journey along these trekking routes can never go wrong. Continue reading “12 Best Trekking Destinations in the Himalayas, Nepal”

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