Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is a country known for its finest trekking routes leading to some of the world’s highest summits. Many tourists visit Nepal for a glimpse of these majestic mountain ranges. Trekking in Nepal is known for its rich combination of cultures, wildering nature, and breathtaking views of Himalayan ranges which is unlike anywhere in the world. Nepal offers a different range of astonishing trekking and climbing routes of different lengths and difficulties. Whether you are a first-time trekker or an experienced one, trekking in Nepal takes you on a wildering and spiritual journey which you won’t regret. 

Blessed with eight of the ten highest mountain peaks, Mount Everest 8848.86m being the top of the world, along with amazing landscapes throughout Nepal, trekking here is truly a unique experience. Every year thousands of travelers visit Nepal with plans of trekking in the Himalayas which ranges from a week-long trek to even a month-long circuit trek offering equally mesmerizing views. Whether you are an inexperienced first-timer or an experienced trekker, Nepal offers a trekking route for everyone with equally majestic views. The major trekking routes include Everest Base Camp Trek and Annapurna Circuit Trek providing great accommodation and well-organized trekking routes and not to mention staggering views along the way. If you are into short treks, Langtang Valley Trek and Poonhill trekking trails are perfect for you. Among multiple trekking trails, the most challenging one is the Great Himalaya Trail. This trail extends from Humla and Darchula in the west to Kanchenjunga in the east covering almost 1700km of length. Along the way, you will pass through diverse terrains that are truly unlike anywhere else in the world. 

Nevertheless, trekking in Nepal is once in a lifetime opportunity. Every trekker visiting here is advised to have thorough research beforehand regarding the preferable season depending on the trail you choose and equipment you might require along the way. However, we are always at your disposal to help you plan your trek and our guides will always be a step ahead to lend you a hand whenever necessary.

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