Tour in Nepal

Tour in Nepal

Nepal is not only known for the Himalayas and extreme activities like trekking, mountaineering, and bungee jump but also offers relaxing tours making it a perfect leisure destination. If trekking and other thrilling activities are not your cups of tea, then there are many ways to enjoy the Himalayas. Pokhara, Bandipur, Chitwan, Lumbini, and many more are some of the tours you can book while in Nepal.

Pokhara, known as the city of lakes, is one of the most popular destinations in Nepal. Also known as the gateway for trekking and the beginning of the Annapurna region, this city has a lot to offer. You can experience the excitement of activities like paragliding, boating, hiking, pony rides, bungee, zipline, or simply relax at one of the several lakes in the valley. You can also take a stroll on the lakeside where you can find hundreds of excellent restaurants and bars. It's also a perfect place to relax after a long trek. 

Bandipur is another popular destination, especially among the locals. The hilltop Newar settlement is known for its panoramic views of the Himalayas and age-old cultural attributes, including temples, shrines, holy caves, and Newari architecture. Bandipur is also home to one of the largest caves in Asia. 

Another popular place would be Lumbini, known widely as the birthplace of Gautam Buddha making it one of the must-visit places in Nepal. Lumbini was declared as the Fountain of world peace and the pilgrimage for all the peace-loving people of the world. Lumbini provides insight into the life of Lord Buddha. There are 62 archaeological sites scattered outside the Lumbini Garden. The tour goes through Tilaurakot, Kudan, Gotihawa, Niglihawa, Sagarhawa, Aurorakot, Devadaha, and Ramagrama all bearing significance to life, enlightenment, and death of Buddha. Apart from these, you can pick from multiple other laid-back tour destinations.

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