Why Travel With Us?

Mystic Mountain Treks and Expeditions (p). Ltd. is a very genuine, local, and authentic company that was established under the Company Act 2053 and Tourism Act 2035 with Registration Number (1874-45-176/77) and PAN Number (609614844). All our staffs at Mystic Mountain Treks are native to the Himalayan Regions, Passionate and experienced in the field, and want to contribute to their homeland. At Mystic Mountain Treks, you won’t find any fluffy language or marketing hype. You will find an honest answer – no fake promises. 

Here are a few points on Why Us: 

1. Service Quality and Client’s Satisfaction 

At Mystic Mountain Treks, quality and satisfaction go hand-in-hand. We work hard to ensure the quality and satisfaction are well-met at every step of your journey. 

Our professional team will make every effort to plan your holiday in the best possible way. We will find out what your preference is and then sprinkle in our special little touches to make your dream holiday special. 

2. A Personal Touch 

We are always with you from the time you contact you, through the duration of your stay, and until you depart safely back home. All our staff will know you personally both by face and name, as we believe in the philosophy of greeting our clients personally and contacting them throughout the trip. 

3. 24/7 Support, Operation, and Monitoring 

Questions, requests or don’t want to miss what Mystic Mountain Treks is up to. On Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, What Apps, and We Chat, we are here for you round the clock/ 7 days a week. 

If you have any queries regarding the destination, itinerary, safety, or duration, you can call, message, or email-up via different mediums at any time. We are a travel agency that never sleeps. 

4. Perfect Group Sizes

While many travel Companies mark 20 – 30 (a bus-load) as a small group, we find (2 – 12) so much better. The maximum group size at MMT is 12 and the client: the guide is 4:1. Our small groups and personalized care allow you to enjoy the charisma and beauty of a trip not from an outsider's perspective but the perspective of an insider.   

5. Flexible and Hassle-Free - 

Mystic Mountain Treks is always with you to take the stress out of your entire holiday planning process. All our services are tailored to your preference and we will keep changing & adapting until it feels just right. 

6. Variety of Tours and Programs

We are proud to present the wide selection of travel programs in Nepal because it has no analogs in the market. Whether you are seeking a multi-day trip to the high mountains or just wishing to enjoy a few hours in Kathmandu, with us you will find an array of programs. 

7. Eco Friendly and Responsible Tourism 

If you are a socially conscious traveler seeking to reduce your carbon footprint, you are in luck: all our services are eco-friendly and responsible.

Our team works hard to minimize the impact of travelers on surrounding ecosystems while accessing them to exceptional locations, without destroying what makes them so special in the first place. 

8. Unparalleled Support 

Our clients are our responsibility and we stand by their side in every situation. This is what sets us apart from others. 

If anything dramatic takes place (like landslides, earthquakes) and you can’t continue your holiday. Here’s what we offer: 

9. No Middleman to Meddle in 

With us, we assure you that you will only pay for the service you take with no middleman squeezing in your bills. We have good and direct contact with the service providers throughout the country which gives you a cost advantage right away.  

10. Best Price – No Hidden Fees 

We strive hard to deliver all that the client’s money is worth it. By negotiating the rates with hotels, airlines, guides, drivers, cooks, and porter, we can keep our prices as competitive as possible. And we assure you that no hidden fees will be charged further than the contracted price. 

11. Safety

Your Safety is Paramount...

The Mystic Mountain Treks always take your safety as a major concern. Most trips are based on high mountains where the dramatic forces of nature are at their most spectacular and as such, it requires high experience and knowledge to allocate the risk while on a trip. 

Mystic Mountain Treks safety policy and expert & experienced team will dial everything to keep you safe while maximizing your enjoyment and providing you wonderful memories. 

12. Training 

We review our guiding team constantly to ensure their knowledge is up-to-date and their guiding practices are of the highest quality. 

We ensure that all our guides are well-trained and certified in their related sectors. Clients have every right to ask for a legal license of a guide before the commencement of the trip. 

13. Our Legal Association 

NTB (Nepal Tourism Board), NMA (Nepal Mountaineering Association), TAAN (Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal) and Tourism Ministry of Nepal are a few Nepal tourism official quality control offices. It licenses professional and trustworthy Nepal tourism agencies – we are associated with all four of them. 

14. Pre-existing Medical Conditions 

Please notify us if you have any pre-existing medical issues or injuries that might affect your travel experience. The medical conditions include (but are not limited to) heart, respiratory, vertigo, diabetes, back pain, or every ache, sprain, or bruise that might bother you from easy walking. 

Don’t forget to notify us about your medical conditions – so that our travel experts can work on them.