Gokyo Chola Pass Everest Base Camp Trek

Gokyo Chola Pass Everest Base Camp Trek

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  • The most exciting and scenic mountain flight to Lukla airport (2850m) on the premises of Everest.
  • Trekking in the classic Everest base camp route and then heading on the solidarity region far beyond the EBC.
  • Experience authoritative Sherpa culture, traditions and their lifestyles in the remote villages of Everest Region.
  • The random encounter with exemplary Himalayan wildlife such as Himalayan Thar, Blue Sheep, Himalayan Gray Wolf, Snowcock, etc. and alpine vegetation.
  • Mind-blowing views of the world’s highest peaks such as Everest (8848.86m), Pumori (7161m), Mera Peak (6476m), Mt. Cho Oyu (8188m), Mt. Manaslu (8163m), and more from different viewpoints across the trek.
  • Witness the five tranquil oligotrophic Gokyo lakes whose beauty is second to none in the entire Gokyo valley.
  • Hiking along the extreme passes like Chola pass and Gokyo Ri to push your body and mind to achieve its bests.
  • Chance to explore the largest glacier of the great himalaya- Ngozumpa glacier which snakes away from the sixth highest mountain of the world, Cho Oyu.
  • Exploration of the most sacred Sherpa heritage- Khumjung Museum, Tengboche Monastery.
  • A full day Private and guided city tours of UNESCO world heritage sites within Kathmandu valley.


In the extremities of the mountain, people discover the real soul inside them. The world has adored the classic Everest Base Camp Tour for decades. But the thrill of a genuine mountain expedition begins once you head beyond the base camp into the more remote villages in the mountain's proximity. Gokyo Valley trek, an offbeat experience for the adventure seeker, takes you 5483meters at Gokyo Ri. The views of the entire Himalayan range, i.e., more than 50 peaks of different heights, will definitely mesmerize you. This remote Himalayan Valley is bestowed with five sacred glaciers and typical Sherpa villages.

Gokyo valley lies 137km north-east of Kathmandu valley. Only attainable after a week-long trek, this remote settlement in the Upper part of Khumbu lies beyond the mountains. While keeping yourself amused with the stunning views of nature, one gets to avoid the crowd of the classic Everest base camp route. Thus, you can enjoy the best tea houses with warm hospitality. Wandering in the Dudh Koshi river valley, one attains a close relationship with nature itself. This easy and well-managed tour to Gokyo is your chance to witness the very best of the Everest region.  

Gokyo-Chola Pass-Everest Base Camp Trek commences with a stimulating Lukla flight. Then, we will move to the small town of Namche, which is basically the trading center of the entire region. Next, walking into Sagarmatha National Park, we see the playground of the red panda, black bear, Thar, Blue Sheep, Monal, and more. As we leave the path of Dudh Koshi valley, the trail takes us to villages like Dole and Machhermo. Finally, while heading to Gokyo Ri, we witness the transition of sub-tropical vegetation into the deserted mountain land with a unique landscape.

After a wonderful time in Gokyo, we will walk to the village of Lobuche and Gorakshep. These villages are our opportunity to witness the typical lifestyle of the mountain people. A final ascent then brings us to Everest base camp, the most prodigious place in the whole world. As you stand right in the feet of majestic Everest, your heart skips a beat. Leaving the base camp, we head down to Lukla. 

At the same time, the thrilling 17 days of Gokyo-Chola Pass-EBC trek pushes you to the extremes and discovers the best inside you. So, are you ready to make this arousing journey with Mystic Mountain treks?

Weather, Temp and Climate in the Gokyo and Everest Region 

The average annual temperature of Gokyo valley is 2.3 °C. Let's study the weather for different seasons in detail.  

Summer (June- August): June is the year's hottest month in Gokyo. This is the only time of the year when you can roam freely without the freezing mountain temperature. But since monsoon raindrops after mid-July, the temperature falls. The weather is still quite warm with an average temperature of 22°C. 

Winter (December- February): The winter in the Gokyo region is very very cold. January, mid-winter, has the average temperature of -14.3 °C, the lowest of the whole year. While nights are extremely cold, you can feel the warmth of the sun in the mid-day. The humidity is about 37, but the thick layer of snow makes it impossible to walk in early December. 

Autumn (Sept. - Nov.): September begins with an average temperature of 0.4 °C and goes up to -7.8 °C in November. Autumn only receives 1.2mm of rainfall in total, and the snowfall is rare. So, the weather is dry and warm in autumn. 

Spring (March-May): During spring, March begins with the average temperature of -11.5 °C and goes up to -1.6 °C in May. Although the temperature is still below the freezing point, the days are very warm with almost 9 hours of sunshine. The chances of rainfall are relatively lower and the humidity is almost 55%. 

Best Time for Gokyo-Chola Pass-Everest Base Camp Trek

Trekking in the right season means being blessed with the exemplary views and more leisurely walk. You need to plan your trekking tour when the weather is stable and warm. 

Autumn (September, October, and November) and Spring (March, April, May) is the peak season for Everest base camp trekking. The colorful blooms of the wildflower and the lush green vegetation make the overall area colorful. However, Autumn with a relatively clear sky and bright sunshine shows a better view of the mountain. The month of October receives a maximum number of tourists.

In summer the slippery path can make the trek challenging. You will need a good pair of trekking shoes and waterproof clothes for trekking in Monsoon. Lastly, we have winter, i.e., November to April. With the -5°C temperature and often snowfall, winter is quite harsh. Most of the tea houses above Namche are closed. Gokyo trek might not be possible during January; otherwise, you can head for the walk throughout the year. The expert guides at Mystic Mountain can make your trip possible anytime you want.  

Gokyo-Chola Pass-EBC Trek Difficulties

Trekking in the remote village of Nepal is definitely not easy. Even with the proper preparation, the risk can be unpredictable. But as long as you are physically fit and mentally prepared, you can head for Gokyo without any previous high-altitude trekking experience.

Difficulties in terms of distance

The trekking distance from Lukla to Everest is about 65 km. From there, the walk to Gokyo Ri is about 30 km. Thus, each day, you will be walking for 6 to 7 hours, covering almost 10 km of distance. Although 10 km sounds reasonably achievable, the steep mountain landscape makes the walk difficult. 

Although the Gokyo Trek distance seems less, the difficult mountain terrain makes it impossible to walk with comfort. In order to achieve such distance, your body should be prepared with some cardo-vascular exercise. If you are too busy for high-altitude trek training, the least you can do is running, jogging, and cycling. Some small and achievable trek around your city and activities like cycling is very beneficial. You should practice these tours a few months prior to the trek. Such training prepares you to walk without any pain, thus providing enough time to savor the beauty of nature.

Difficulties in terms of altitude

The highest altitude during the trek is Kalapatthar at 5545 meters and Gokyo Ri at 5483 meters above sea level. This is amongst the highest elevation treks in the whole work. Each day, we will gain an altitude of 500m to 1000m. Hiking in such elevation brings a high risk of altitude sickness. We can minimize the risk of altitude sickness with these precautions:

  • Rest where you are and stop getting to higher elevation for 48 hours
  • Take enough sleep during the trek
  • Take paracetamol for a headache
  • Anti-sickness medicine like promethazine can be helpful 
  • Drink enough water and keep yourself hydrated 
  • Do not smoke or drink hard alcohol 

Besides having a few acclimatization days in our package, you might still be unable to get to the top. The symptoms like headache, tiredness, vomiting, and shortness of breath can get deadly in the mountains. In such a case, we can either walk down to the lower altitude or ask for rescue. You must have insurance to cover helicopter rescue during an emergency. So, it’s wise to get the insurance in your home country before your arrival in Nepal.

Accommodation on Gokyo- Chola Pass- EBC Trek

On your Kathmandu visit, you will be accommodated in a star hotel over Thamel or you can ask us for your demanded category hotels. You can enjoy the big deluxe room with the best available facilities. Still, if you want to switch to a rather luxurious five-star hotel, you can do so on your own. We help you book the best rooms. 


As we head on the trekking trail, our accommodation will be quite basic. While traveling on the off-beaten trail to Gokyo, we will stay in a local's place with basic facilities. Some places in Everest like Namche and Lukla have quite luxurious star hotels. These tea houses provide a room on a sharing basis, usually two people. The rooms are separated by the wooden plank and feel cozy. 

Meals on Gokyo- Chola Pass- EBC Trek

In Kathmandu, we serve you with the delicious Welcome/ Farewell dinner. Also, breakfast is provided every morning in your hotel itself. For the rest of the time, you are free to have any meal of your choice in any restaurants you prefer. Kathmandu offers a wide range of choices for local and international cuisine and drinks. Try everything you ever wanted to eat. 

For the trek, all three meals will be covered in the package. The local lodge serves excellent Nepalese food Dal Bhat. You can enjoy some Chinese and Indian foods as well. The breakfast is quite basic with bread, pancakes, or oatmeal with Tea/ Coffee/ Juice. For lunch and dinner, you can have Noodles, Pasta, Thukpa, Momos, and some Indian food. The locally prepared meals are very healthy. As we stay in Namche, Lukla, and other major settlements, you can see some fine bars and bakeries. In the upper region do try to avoid meat products as they are mostly carried from the lower part and thus may have a little rancid.

Transportation on Gokyo- Chola Pass- EBC Trek

Our sightseeing tour inside the Kathmandu valley, as well as airport pickup/ drop, will be done in a private tourist vehicle. The size of the vehicle depends on the number of people. Further, the agency will also cover the flight from Kathmandu to Lukla and back. The flight to Lukla should be booked a couple of weeks prior to the trek. The plane is relatively small with a single passenger seat in economy classes. The cases of the flight being canceled or delayed due to poor weather are very often. However, the alternative to the Lukla flight is additional 4 to 6 days of the walk which is not often recommended. 

Electricity, Internet, and Telephone in Gokyo- EBC Region

As Everest Base Camp Trek via Gokyo Lakes and Chola Pass, almost covers all parts of Everest region so we will talk about Electricity, internet and telephone facilities of the entire Everest/ Khumbu region.

But, there is no need to worry about all these facilities while in the towns like Kathmandu. Being a capital of a nation, Kathmandu offers you a very wide ranges of facilities. Electricity and Internet is almost free everywhere like your hotels, café, cyber, bars, parks, etc. from where you can connect to your family anytime. And, yes for telephone while staying in Kathmandu remember the SIM card theory.


Firstly, for telephone we suggest you to buy a SIM card while in Kathmandu. You can purchase a SIM card either of NTC (Nepal Telecom) or Ncell (Nepal Cell) at only 100 Nrs. equivalent to $1. Both SIM card will help you to do local and international calls and also you can purchase mobile data which will be helpful during the trek. Please ask help to your guide or operating company while purchasing local SIM card. And almost every tea house lodges during the trek have CDMA telephone. But they charge you few bucks for using the telephone services. 


Electricity is also available throughout the entire journey. The lower section of the trekking trails are powered by small hydroelectricity while higher up electricity is solely powered by solar panel. And be sure that there will be no charging pockets in your rooms except dining halls and it’s your responsibility to look after your gadgets while charging. However, the case is same with electricity as telephone, you have to pay some certain amount ranges from $1-$5 for charging a battery of single gadget. But the best way and recommended way to charge your phone and camera batteries is to carry a power bank or portable solar panel.


Talking about internet/ Wi-fi in Everest region, there are many places where you can have free internet connections like Lukla, Phakding, and Namche Bazaar. Almost every hotels, cafes and restaurants in Namche Bazaar have free internet connection services to their customers. While trekking above to the higher elevation, you can find internet connections in every tea house lodges but you have to pay few bucks ranging from $1-$5 for using the services. Even at the Gorakshep village, last stop before Everest Base Camp has internet facilities but, one cannot be sure about the speed of the internet in that elevation.

So, purchasing a local SIM card and use of cellular data could be the best alternative way to use internet services as many villages and high ridges covers good mobile networks in Everest region. 

Culture, Traditions, and Festivals of Everest and Gokyo Region

Trekking in Nepal always bestows you with an opportunity to experience the unique culture and lifestyles of people residing in the Himalayas. The Khumbu region is mostly inhabited by the Sherpa ethnic group along with some communities of the Rai and Magar caste. The friendly and hospitable mountain people have managed to keep their fundamental values and beliefs untouched.

During the EBC Gokyo Chola Pass tour, you get to live their unique lifestyle while being a part of their culture. You can see the farmers working in the field, people making handicrafts, or busy welcoming their guests. If you are traveling in April, you get to celebrate the Dumji festival. Also, you might get to see the Mani Rimdu dance from the local people. This festival usually falls in October. You can put on their traditional dress and practice some cultural dance moves whenever you visit. The owner of tea houses is delighted when guests express such interest in their traditions. 


Through the visit, you will help the locals uplift their economic condition and contribute to the development of the Everest region. You can make a difference in the lives of these mountain people. 

Necessary Permits for EBC-Gokyo-Chola Pass Trek

Along with your visa to enter Nepal, tourists need two kinds of permits to trek to EBC via Gokyo and Chola Pass.

Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality Entry Permit: 

Earlier, there was a rule to issue a TIMS Card and a Sagarmatha National Park permit. However, after 2018 with the decentralization of governmental power, the TIMS card has been replaced by a local area permit that can be issued in the trek. Everest local area trek permit is officially called Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality Entrance Permit and costs NRs. 2000 equivalent to $20. You can get this permit upon landing in Lukla. The amount goes for the local government and is invested in the development of trekking trails. 

Sagarmatha National Park Entry Permit:

 Next, there's the Sagarmatha National Park permit that is usually issued in the Everest region itself. Before getting to Namche, you can see an entry point to Everest where they issue the permit. This permit costs about Rs 3000 per person. The fee is lower for the people of SAARC countries i.e., Rs 1500 per person. You will need a small photo and your visa to request the permit. 


  • Children below 10 years of age are free from all the above mentioned permits.
  • SAARC Nations: India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh

Thankfully, the best trekking agency in Nepal, Mystic Mountain Treks, does all the paperwork while you sit back and enjoy your journey. 

Some last words, 

So, if Nepal’s not already at the top of your bucket list, make a new list ASAP. And when you plan to travel to Nepal, make sure that you have a trusted companion like ourselves. If we can help you in any way, Please do let us know we are always here at your services. 

And Please Click here to book Gokyo-Chola Pass- Everest Base Camp Trek.

Best wishes!!

Outline Itinerary

DayDay Acitivity
Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu and transfer to hotel
Day 02: City Tour in Kathmandu valley and Trek Preparation day
Day 03: Flight to Lukla and trek to Phakding
Day 04: Trek from Phakding to Namche Bazaar
Day 05: Acclimatization and Exploration day in Namche
Day 06: Trek from Namche Bazaar to Dole
Day 07: Trek from Dole to Machhermo
Day 08: Trek from Machhermo to Gokyo valley
Day 09: Climb to Gokyo Ri (5483 m) and trek to Thagnak
Day 10: Trek from Thagnak to Dzongla (4830m) via Chola Pass (5420 m)
Day 11: Trek from Dzongla to Lobuche
Day 12: Trek from Lobuche to Everest Base Camp (5364 m) and then back to Gorakshep
Day 13: Hike from Gorakshep to Kalapattar (5545 meters) and trek back to Pheriche (4200 meters)
Day 14: Trek from Pheriche to Namche Bazaar, (3440 m)
Day 15: Trek from Namche to Lukla
Day 16: Flight from Lukla to Kathmandu
Day 17: Final Departure to your Destination.

As soon as you land in Nepal, our representative from Mystic Mountain Treks will be there to welcome you at the terminal hall. Please look for the name of your team on a placard. After completing the paperwork, we shall drive you to the pre-booked hotel. The short 30 mins drive in the comfortable private vehicle brings you to Thamel. Thus, you will have enough time to explore the places around you. 

In the evening, we will all gather for a briefing session from our guide. Then, we enjoy the delicious Nepalese cuisine as your welcome dinner. Overnight in Kathmandu.

AccomodationAs per request
Meals Dinner

This is a rather relaxing day before we head for the trek. We take an extra day to explore the beautiful city of Kathmandu. Full of UNESCO world heritage sites, there are many ancient architects to visit. After breakfast in the hotel, we visit Swayambhunath Stupa (the renowned Monkey temple), Pashupatinath Temple (the holy temple of Lord Shiva), and Bouddhanath Stupa (the biggest stupa of Nepal). After lunch, our final destination is Kathmandu Durbar Square, the home to the late kings of Nepal.

After an exciting half-day Kathmandu tour, we will start to prepare for the trek. First, ask your guide to help you with shopping/ renting the trekking gear and pack your bags. They will also help you pack your bags for the mountains and ensure that you have everything needed for the journey. Then, you have the whole evening to witness the beauty of Thamel on your own. Overnight in Kathmandu.

Activities: City Tour, Trek Preparation

AccomodationAs per request

The Everest Base Camp via Gokyo and Chola Pass trek commences as we drive to the airport in Kathmandu. The 45 mins of exciting mountain flight brings us to Lukla airport. Located right in front of the mountains, Lukla is the gateway of Khumbu Region. Here, we met the remaining crew, and then the walk began. Sometimes, the flights might be delayed due to technical issues or bad weather. 

We start the hike along the Dudh Koshi River on a quiet, leveled path. The initial descent brings us to Thado Koshi Khola. Here, we cross our first suspension bridge and ascend to Ghat. Then, a short walk brings us to Phakding. Here, we get an initial glimpse of the mountains in the distance. Overnight in Phakding.

Activities: Mountain Flight, Trekking

AccomodationTea House Lodge
MealsBreakfast Lunch Dinner
Activity Duration3 hours

After the wonderful morning views of the Thamserku Peak (6623 m), we begin the walk along the Dudh Koshi River. In a short while, we reach the village of Zamphuti before we ascend to Chomoa. Here, we can see some big agricultural projects with many people involved in the farming business. In a short while, we will be walking inside Sagarmatha National Park. This UNESCO heritage site was established in 1976. At the entrance of the National park, you have to show your National park entry permit.


Walking further deep in the forest, we reach Monjo, a relatively more extensive settlement of the region. A final ascent then brings us to Namche, our destination for the night. We check-in at a beautiful lodge and let our shanks rest. Overnight in Namche Bazaar.

Activities: Trekking, Sightseeing

AccomodationTea House Lodge
MealsBreakfast Lunch Dinner
Activity Duration5/6 hours

Since Namche lies at 3440m above the sea level, we may experience a lower oxygen level. So, we take a whole day's rest in Namche and let our body adjust to the new elevation. In the daytime, we can hike to the Everest view hotel for the panoramic views of the mountains. Also, we can utilize our time exploring the Khumjung valley, where we can see the school and Hospital set by Sir Edmund Hillary.

In the evening, we can stop in one of the Bakeries and enjoy the best quality coffee and cake in Namche. You can meet some locals and have quality time before we head to a rather remote region. Overnight in Namche.

Activities: Hiking, Exploration of Namche town

AccomodationTea House Lodge
MealsBreakfast Lunch Dinner
Activity Duration5 hours

After a beautiful day in Namche, we now begin to walk further north. In the morning, we trek on the trail leading us to the village of Khumjung. We will stop at the village for a short while to see the beautiful Gompa there. The view of the entire Namche region looks amusing from the top. Then, we head towards a big Chorten at the ridge. An occasional view of Mt. Kantega (6782 m) will accompany us to Phortse Tenga. Then, a steep climb on the forest of birch brings us to the tiny village of Dole. With a couple of beautiful lodges, this is the perfect place to stop for the night. Overnight in Dole,

Activities: Trekking, Exploring Phortse

AccomodationTea House Lodge
MealsBreakfast Lunch Dinner
Activity Duration6 hours

On the 7th day of Everest-Chola Pass trek, we continue the walk that takes us to Machhermo. We start the day after a leisurely morning and walk on a relatively easy path. The views of the mountains and glaciated area will accompany us throughout the journey. This four-hour walk is quite relaxing. In the evening, we will have enough time to explore the nearby area and wander in the village. Overnight in Machhermo.

Activities: Trekking, Sightseeing

AccomodationTea House Lodge
MealsBreakfast Lunch Dinner
Activity Duration4 hours

This is another relatively easy day of our journey. We leave the village of Machhermo after having a hygienic breakfast. Slowly strolling in the mountains path, we head to the Valley of Gokyo. As we leave the forest behind us, we are now in the alpine region with fewer trees and grass. As the valley approaches, the beauty of the mountain landscape fully captivates us. Since we reach Gokyo in the mid-day, we wander around the place, interacting with the locals. What could be better than, sipping a hot coffee and peeking at the tranquil blue lakes of Gokyo Valley. You will be stunned by its overwhelming beauty. Overnight in Gokyo.
Activities: Trekking, Exploring Gokyo Lakes

AccomodationTea House Lodge
MealsBreakfast Lunch Dinner
Activity Duration4 hours

This is a very important day of our Gokyo - EBC trek. We begin the day quite early in the morning as we make a steep ascent to Gokyo Ri. Finally, we emerge beyond the valley and head to the north side of the Lake. The view from the top is worth the tough steep climb of a few hours. We can witness the amusing peaks of Lhotse (8516 m), Mt. Makalu (8481 m), Amadablam (6812 m), Everest (8848.86 m), and dozens of other mountains. After a brief moment at the top, we get back to our tea house.

In the daytime, we retrace our path to Machhermo. Further south, we follow the river of Dudh Koshi into a yak pasture area before we get to the Thagnak village. Overnight in Thagnak.

Activities: Climbing Gokyo-Ri, Trekking

AccomodationTea House Lodge
MealsBreakfast Lunch Dinner
Activity Duration5 hours

Today, we will begin the walk after breakfast in the early morning. As we trek above the glacier valley, the entire Khumbu region appears to be smaller. Finally, after some hours of the climb, we will be at the top of Chola Pass, the fabulous hilltop for the best view of mountains in Nepal. 

After some moments on the top, we descend to Dzongla before the darkness greets us. And please be sure that there are no tea shops and lodges in between Thagnak and Dzongla, so we must take a pack lunch for a day with us. Overnight in Dzongla.


We cannot climb Chola Pass in winter due to the thick layer of snow. Even in Spring and Autumn anti-skid shoe spikes are necessary to cross Chola Pass (5420 m).

Activities: Trekking, Crossing Chola Pass

AccomodationTea House Lodge
MealsBreakfast Lunch Dinner
Activity Duration8 hours

After the long and harsh climb, we will have a relatively relaxing day. After breakfast we start the trek quite late in the morning as we slowly walk down to Lobuche. On the way, we cross the world's largest Glacier, i.e., Khumbu Glacier. At Lobuche, please spend some time interacting with the locals and knowing their lifestyles. Overnight in Lobuche.

Activities: Trekking, Interactions with local people

AccomodationTea House Lodge
MealsBreakfast Lunch Dinner
Activity Duration3 hours

Get ready for the most exciting day in the mountains.

Firstly, we leave Lobuche and join the classic Everest base camp route that leads us to Gorakshep. The small settlement in the hill before Kalapatthar is the last village before Everest. We leave our bags in the room and then head towards the base camp.
After two to three hours of walking, you will be surrounded by the most magnificent views ever. The mountains will wrap you in all directions, blessing you with the heavenly feel. Take your time to capture the beauty in your camera before tracing the way back to Gorakshep. Enjoy your dinner in the mountains and get enough sleep; we have a long day before us.Overnight in Gorakshep.

Activities: Trekking, Exploring Everest Base Camp


AccomodationTea House Lodge
MealsBreakfast Lunch Dinner
Activity Duration7 hours

Today, we will wake up very early (about 4 am) and then make the most arduous climb to Kalapatthar (5545 m). Kalapatthar is itself a small peak that offers the most spectacular view, even better than the views from the base camp. The climbing on the steep rocks will not be easy, but the views from the top will be worth it. In addition, you will witness the most stunning sunrise of your life. 

After a brief moment at the top, we will walk back to our hotel. Then, we head for Pheriche on the path that is mostly downwards. In the evening, we will stay at any good local tea house. Overnight in Pheriche.

Activities: Kala Patthar Hike, Trekking

Accomodation Tea House Lodge
MealsBreakfast Lunch Dinner
Activity Duration8 hours

Now, it's time to track our path downwards. The trail to Namche Bazaar takes us through the thick forests of Oak, Pine, and Rhododendron. If you are lucky enough, you can see wildlife such as pheasants, mountain goats, musk deer, or maybe an ounce.

In the later part, we'll be climbing for a short while before the winding trail takes us to Namche. Luxuriate view of the mountains will still accompany us as we mostly walk downhill. After finally arriving at Namche, we will get into the hotel and enjoy most of our evening.Overnight in Namche.

Activities: Trekking, Sightseeing

AccomodationTea House Lodge
MealsBreakfast Lunch Dinner
Activity Duration7 hours

On the 15th day of our Gokyo-Chola Pass- Everest Base Camp trek we will walk down the path after having a delicious breakfast at Namche. First, we descend to the Hillary bridges and cross several local villages, including Monjo. Then, walking via the bank of Dudh Koshi River, we walk further away from the mountains. Upon reaching Lukla, your trekking to Everest Base Camp via Gokyo lakes and Chola Pass comes to an end. In the evening, make sure that you celebrate the completion of the journey with the trekking crew. Overnight in Lukla.

Activities: Trekking, Exploring Lukla

AccomodationTea House Lodge
MealsBreakfast Lunch Dinner
Activity Duration6 hours

If the weather is favorable, we hop into our flight to Kathmandu from Lukla quite early. A short yet exciting 40 mins of the journey on the plane will be enjoyable. Soon, we will drive to our hotel in Thamel and enjoy the entire evening on our own. You will have some time for souvenir shopping and visiting nearby places. In the evening, we all gather for a Farewell dinner and share our experiences in the mountains. Overnight in Kathmandu.


The flights might be delayed or canceled due to bad weather in the mountains. In such cases we will be waiting for the climate to get better while staying in Lukla. And we recommend you to take 1 or 2 buffer days and some Cash because you may get stranded in Lukla due to bad weather. 

Activities: Mountain Flight, Farewell Program

AccomodationAs per request
MealsBreakfast Dinner
Activity Duration30 minutes

Today is the final day of your journey in Nepal. After having breakfast at the hotel, get ready and pack your bag then, we will drive you to Tribhuvan International Airport a few hours before the scheduled time so that you can do your custom formality and fly back safely. 

Wish you a safe flight!! And Hope to see you soon again.


We only prepared this Itinerary for your ease. If you wanna spice up your Nepal tour with some fun adventure, just go for it. You might want to skydive on Everest or Paraglide in Pokhara. What about thrilling rafting in the perennial mountain river or a fun elephant ride in Chitwan National Park? You can ask for any adventurous sport and we make the arrangements for you. After all, you are here to have fun. So do it properly. And even if you are willing to do other treks in Nepal then experts suggests you.

Cost Include

  • Arrival and Departure Transfer services to and from the airport as per itinerary.
  • Assistance at Airports and Hotels by Mystic Mountain Trek’s representative while arriving and departing in Kathmandu.
  • All transportation will be through private cars, tourist buses and planes as per group size.
  • Welcome Dinner hosted by the Mystic Mountain Treks- leading EBC- Gokyo- Chola Pass Trek operators in Nepal.
  • All local taxes and entrance fees during a visit to UNESCO world’s heritage sites and other local monuments.
  • 3 Night accommodation at a demanded category hotel in Kathmandu including breakfast.
  • 13 Night accommodation at Tea House Lodge accommodation during the trek.
  • 1:2 experienced and friendly porter to Trekker ratio from Lukla to Gokyo-Chola Pass- EBC and from EBC to Lukla.
  • Government certified, trained, experienced, qualified, and English speaking High Altitude Trekking guide with First-Aid training too.
  • Fresh, hygienic, and delicious meals on Full Board Basis (B, L, & D) during the entire trekking period.
  • Comprehensive Emergency medications carried by the Trekking guide.
  • Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality Permit is required to do trekking, so Mystic Mountain Treks provides you a rural municipality permit.
  • As Ebc-Gokyo-Chola Pass Trek comes under the territory of Sagarmatha National Park, required National park entry permit will be provided by the company.
  • Certificates of appreciation provided by the Company to every group members after successful completion of EBC Gokyo Chola Pass Trek as a memory of lifetime journey to the Himalayas.
  • Our service charge and government taxes are included, and there is no any hidden cost.
  • Daily wages, allowances, bonus along with medical, accidental, and emergency evacuation insurance for all involved staffs.
  • Visa extension procedure, if you want to extend your adventure in Nepal, you will be helped by us.
  • Flight Ticket Reconfirmation, so as to confirm your departure flight from Nepal is as per scheduled.
  • Farewell Dinner at Friendly environment Nepali Restaurant, hosted by the company.
  • For your convenience, we provide Khumbu Region Trek route map for your group.
  • Seasonal and organic fruits as per availability.
  • Mystic Mountain Trek’s Logo printed T-shirt as a souvenir.

Cost Exclude

  • International flights and Nepal entry visa fee.
  • Travel Insurance and emergency evacuation insurance.
  • Lunch and Dinner in Kathmandu and Pokhara.
  • Other personal nature expenses like laundry, hot showers, Wi- fi, alcoholic beverages etc.
  • All personal gears and equipment.
  • Tips to Guide and Porter not mandatory but very highly expected.

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