Wilderness Trekking in Nepal

For those who wish to experience rugged, unspoiled natural beauty, breathtaking views of the Himalayas and diverse cultures then wilderness trekking in Nepal is perfect for you. These treks take you into Nepal's most remote and untouched areas. Some of these areas like the Tsum Valley have only been open to Westerners since 2008.  Nepal’s wilderness areas take you to locations that require camping as tea houses are not available. This increases the cost of travelling there but the rewards are huge. Free from other tourists, you can experience the rugged beauty of high mountain passes, beautiful glaciers, hidden valleys, traditional villages, and diverse natural Ecosystems. Sitting around a campfire under the stars hearing the call of a snow leopard or the howl of a Himalayan Wolf is truly a unique experience. 

From Kanchenjunga in the far east where you will be lucky to see any other trekkers as you stand on the grassy slopes of Pangpema 5140m, one of Nepal’s greatest treasurers, to the towering granite cliffs of the Barun Valley under Makalu 8463m considered the Yosemite of Nepal, to the stark open hillsides of Nar, Phu, the Dolpo and Mustang regions. Settlements here are very remote with little to no contact with the outside world. There are highly preserved areas requiring guides and permits to visit. 

These treks require a high level of fitness and sometimes bridge the gap between trekking and mountaineering. The use of crampons, harnesses, and ropes is needed on some of these routes. Kanchenjunga Base Camp trek now offers a full tea house trek with camping required only at high levels. Manaslu Circuit Trek, Tsum Valley, Makalu Base Camp Trek, Arun Valley, Dhaulagiri Circuit and the Sherpani Col Trek are just some of the others that offer adventures for those with the desire to see truly remote wilderness and will leave with memories to last a lifetime.