Terms & Conditions

Please read the “Terms & Conditions” very carefully. Here you will get to know the terms, the rules, and the guidelines of acceptable behaviors and useful sections to which you must agree to use our travel products.  

All the travel products offered on this website are sold subject to these Terms & Conditions and the same shall govern between us. Upon signing this agreement, both parties agree to work together under the following “Terms & Conditions”.  

  1. Payments: 

For all the services contracted, a certain amount must be paid in advance to confirm booking & the balance amount can be paid upon your arrival in Nepal but definitely before the commencement of the services. The Company’s management team holds the right to decide the “Advance Amount” to be paid. The advance amount is calculated based on the nature of the services & the time left for the commencement of the services.  

  1. Mode of Payment:  

The overseas advance payment can be made either by credit card and wire transfers like bank transfer, online payment. All the prices are quoted in U.S Dollars. Please note that a 4% levy charge will be added to the trip price on all credit card transactions.

  1. Cancellation Policy 

The service will be booked once the online payment is made by the client. The Cancellation Terms come to effect from the date we receive the advance amount. Regarding the trip cancellation, we offer the free trip cancellation service if the client can submit the trustable reason before 90 days of the Commencement of the service.  

  1. Service Cancellation by Mystic Mountain Treks and Expeditions Pvt. Ltd. 

In case the service is canceled by Mystic Mountain, we will notify you at the earliest and refund the 100% deposit you made but there is no compensation policy. Natural disasters, weather conditions, government restriction, political unrest, wars, strikes, road blockage, flood, flight cancellation, sickness or accidents, etc. are the main factors that forced us to cancel the trip.

  1. Service Cancellation by Client

In case the client cancels the Service,  

  1. Booking Change  

If you need to change the booking of the service you have already made with Mystic Mountain Treks, we will be happy to help you without additional charges. But, be sure that we will need a trustable reason in writing. If the permits are made and flights & hotels are booked, you have to pay an extra charge as per their cancellation policies. 

  1. Late Bookings:  

Mystic Mountain Treks will accept last minute booking without levying any extra charge.  As we know it is never too late to go for an adventure. You can book every trip online.

  1. Travel Insurance and Emergency Rescue Evacuation: 

Governmental acts of Nepal dictates that no foreigners will be able to purchase insurance package in Nepal. So, every guest must acknowledge the risks which may occur during the trip to the Himalayas and must do travel insurance in their own country. Travel insurance is mandatory if you book any trip with Mystic Mountain Treks and your responsibility is to ensure that you are adequately insured for the full duration of the trip covering medical, injury, illness, death, lost baggage, trip cancellation, hospitalization, helicopter rescue, and repatriation. Such insurances are not included in the trip costs.

The Mystic Mountain Treks is not liable to pay the cost of the “Emergency rescue and Evacuation” service; the entire amount must be paid by the client. However, we can help make arrangements for Rescue service via Helicopter that will charge you USD 1800 – 7000 depending on the location.  

  1. Unforeseen Events:  

Some Un/Avoidable and Unforeseen events occur and the service cannot proceed in time and sometimes even get canceled. Some events like unfavorable weather conditions, stick, landslide, flood, and quake barrier the company to commence the service as decided in the contract. We would like to inform you that the “Mystic Mountain Treks and Expeditions Pvt. Ltd.” or any other concerned department of the “Mystic Mountain Treks” is not liable to operate the service as contracted before. However, we will work hard to find the best alternative to the service.  

Due to unforeseen events, the company has to terminate or shorten the trip and the whole payment is non-refundable in that case.  

  1. Incomplete Tour:

If any clients intentionally or unintentionally end their trip once the trip has started, no refund or compensation will be provided for missed or unused services regardless of the reason ie. Sickness, injury, or any unfortunate events.

  1. Early Termination of a Trip:

It is sometimes that the guests complete the trip before the scheduled time or they end up stopping a trip early for health or personal reasons. If this is the case then please understand that no refund will be provided for the remaining days as we must pay our guests and porters for the committed period. In simple words, if the journey of 17 days is completed in 15 days then, there is no refund for those 2 days.

  1. Children:

There is no age limit for tours in Nepal, but there is an age restriction for trekking that is 9 years of age or above and 16 years and above for mountaineering expeditions of 6000+. Legal guardians must accompany all travelers under the age of 16.

  1. Flight delay or cancellations:

Cloud and turbulent weather along the mountain ranges are common and may lead to flights delay or cancellations. Unless it is done by the company will not require the company to provide financial compensation. In such a case, our guests will be responsible to bear all the additional costs of food, accommodation, and other arrangements. However, the agency has to arrange the hotels and necessary facilities for guests.

  1. Publicity:

We, Mystic Mountain Treks, may require guests to provide us photographs, videos taken from your camera free of charge for the sake of publicity. In those conditions, we expect guests to comply with our request. However, those photographs or videos will only be used for promotional purposes through whatever medium it chooses. 

  1. Meals:

We do have experienced cooks for high altitudes. However, you may get a different taste from what you get served in your place. We will make sure to provide you the best healthy, hygienic, and organic food but clients must follow the guidelines of the trip guide while selecting the food menu.

  1. Gears and Equipment:

In case, if we temporarily provide any gears, equipment, or any materials that may or may not be the property of Mystic Mountain Treks, guests must return them to the company at the end of the trip. Clients will be liable to pay the certain charges fixed by the company as compensation if any damage is made by clients to that equipment.

  1. Agreement of Compliance:

It is very much necessary for guests to follow the rules and regulations of a country, during their stay in the country. Any kinds of unlawful acts or illegal activities are downright discourage and any deliberate or unintentional breach of law by the clients shall not obligate the company to advocate on their behalf. If clients commit any kinds of illegal acts then the team leader has full right to expel him/her from the trip, and no compensation will be provided in such case.

  1.  Travel Documents:

It is the responsibility of the clients to obtain proper travel documents, identification, or proof of citizenship required by the authorities of the destination to which you are traveling. Mystic Mountain Treks will not be liable to provide you any refund or compensation if you are denied boarding or entry on any basis including without limitations, incomplete travel documents, or failure to provide information to the governmental authorities.

  1. Extra Activities:

If any guests want extra activities like ski, drone flight, film/documentary making paragliding from mountains, glacier lake diving they must inform it to the company. Nepal government charges a certain amount for those activities, clients should bear all costs resulting such activities and company will not take any responsibility if they don’t inform beforehand to the company. However, the company shall make sure that the process is followed accordingly.