About Us

Mystic Mountain Treks – an amalgamation of Love, Passion, and Business

Nepal is our love and travel is our passion. We decided to work on our passion and make a contribution to our homeland through the travel business. 

Mystic Mountain Treks – A Local Owned Nepal Travel & Trekking Agency

Mystic Mountain Treks is a small company based in Nepal with big dreams that specializes in South Asia Travel (esp. Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, India & Tibet). 

Mystic Mountain Treks is fully Nepalese-owned and the best travel & trekking agency in Nepal. All our working crew – including the management team, mountain guides, trekking guides, tour guides, drivers, porters, and cooks – are Nepalese citizens. Since we are born and grown up in Nepal, we have in-depth knowledge and understanding of Nepalese culture, lifestyle, geography, and environment. 

Our team is made up of young, dynamic, and energetic individuals who have in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of travel, tourism, and hospitality sectors. Moreover, our team of tourism entrepreneurs generates new ideas, enthusiasm and we have a deep love for the country we represent: Nepal. Our team offers a high level of trust, agility, and expertise to every engagement. 

Our motto is to help you see the world your way, unveiling the most excellent location and experience that Mother Nature has to offer. We are also dedicated to make your travel experience as simple and fun as possible. 

Whether you are an adrenaline junkie, adventure lover, culture aficionado, or simply a backpacker who just wants to kick back and relax our handpicked itinerary and experienced local guide will lead you into the core of your destination and deliver a magical experience. 

Mystic Mountain Treks (we) will try to make your Trekking and Mountaineering experience worthwhile in every possible way as we have the best crew of guides, altitude workers, and management teams. Moreover, we have a large network of experienced professionals stretched across Nepal, Tibet, Pakistan, India, and Bhutan.

Mystic Mountain Trek’s Specialization 

With years of specialization in the travel and hospitality sectors, we offer the best services in trekking, mountaineering, and mountain biking sectors along with cultural, adventure, and wildlife tours. We also venture to remote and isolated parts of the Himalayas who want to stay away from the crowd and get off the beaten tracks where horses yaks are used to carry your luggage. 

Name of Company: Mountain Treks and Expeditions (p) Ltd.

Type of Company: Private Limited

Registration Number: 1874-45-076/077 Gov. of Nepal

Address: Kritipur-01, Kathmandu, Nepal

Contact Number: +977-9845812510 / +977-9849394587

URL / Website: https://www.mysticmountaintreks.com/

E-mail address:  Info@mysticmountaintreks.com / mysticmountaintreks@gmail.com

Destinations: Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, Pakistan, and India

Services: Mountaineering Expeditions, Peak Climbing, Trekking, Tours (Cultural, Heritage,Pilgrimage, School), Hiking, Wildlife Safari, Documentary and Film making, Yoga and Meditation, Rock Climbing, White Water River Rafting, Wild Honey Hunting, The Great Himalayan Trail Trek, Mountain Biking, Enfield Motorbike Tours, Sightseeing, Paragliding, Bungee Jumping, and many more outdoor adventures for Adrenaline Junkies.