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Manaslu Expedition

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Expedition Highlights

  • Ascend to the top of world’s eight tallest peak  Mt. Manaslu
  • Gaze at the star from closer than ever during the camp nights at the base camp of Mt. Manaslu
  • Explore tropical forest, green meadows, rocky barren landscapes and glacier as you climb through different temperate zones
  • From the base of Manalsu (), feel dwarfed as you get to witness how big this peak truly is!
  • Immerse fully into the nature in the most dramatic and isolated part of Himalayas
  • Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment as you make it to the top of this 8,000m+ peak
  • Our local Sherpa guide not only keeps you safe but also gets happy to share their knowledge on local geography and flora & fauna


Standing at an impressive 8,163m, Mt. Manaslu is a serious challenge.  You need great physical strength and strong will-power to conquer this monster mountain. But thanks to accessibility and infrastructure on the climbing route, you have fair chance to summit the peak than its counterpart – Everest and Kanchenjunga.

If you are seeking to summit 8,000m+ peak with only few technical sections and incredibly diverse surroundings, Mt. Manaslu Expedition is the great choice for you.

Any climber with prior climbing experience, basic climbing skills and sound health condition can conquer the Mt. Manaslu peak comfortably. Well being said that, you will need the guidance of Sherpa guide who have to the summit of the peak couple of time previously.

We assure you that our Sherpa guides are second to none – they are experienced, well-trained, friendly and skillfull. Moreover, they are used to with altitude – they know well when to start and when to rest. In fact, they can read your body – whether it is acclimatized or not. They are also expert on high altitude rescue and can act quickly in challenging situation. Mystic Mountain also offers the best high altitude cook in order to provide you the best food on extreme heights.

The first successful Manaslu expedition was made in 1956 by T.Imanishi and Gyalzen Norbu Sherpa. Nowadays, many climbers are keen to climb Mt. Manaslu – to savor its beauty and practice for their expedition for mighty Everest.

Mt. Manaslu Climbing Routes

Base Camp

The Base Camp of Mt. Manaslu is perched on a mixed rock and snow moraine with great views of mountain peaks. We will set camp here for more than 3 months . We will provide you a tent camp, shower tent and toilet tent. Shower tent and toilet tents are usually common. Before starting the climbing trip to Mt. Manaslu, we will conduct a puja ceremony to get blessing from mother nature for successful and safe ascent. Here your climbing guide will provide you a basic and advanced training on climbing techniques and way of using equipments. You will also make multiple rotations climb to high camps and base camp. We strongly believe that the training and rotation climb will boost your acclimatization and confidence to conquer the mountain.

Camp1(5,700m) – 4 hours

Once all the training and acclimatization process is completed, it’s time to head for Camp1. The route to Manaslu Camp 1 is mixed with few crevasses and snow, ice sections. Then further you will negotiate grassy slopes, rock slabs and snowy moraines to reach Camp1.

Camp2 (6,400m/21,000ft) – 05 hours

The climbing from Camp 1 to 2 is the most technical part of Mt. Manaslu. Today you will negotiate lots of icefall and your pace slows down due to the presence of heavy snows. Get ready to scramble on 65 degree slope full of ice and snows for about 100m. Camp2 is nestled above the icefall on a snowy terrain.

Camp3 (6,800m) – 2 – 3 hours

Camp 2 to Camp 3 is the shortest distance to conquer. You don’t need to use ladder however there are many half meter crevasses which need to be jumped. Ropes will be fixed by Sherpas whenever needed.

Camp4 (7,500m) – 4 -5 hours

Due to the presence of heavy snows and ices, it’s feels like long day today. Be cautious, as you will be nearing the death zone. You will use oxygen cylinder to climb on steep snow that is 50 – 55 degree slope covered with snows and ices. Today the terrain will test your strength and endurance as there are numerous steep snowy sections.

Summit (8,156m) – 16 – 17 hours

Today is the day you have been desperately waiting for. Now it’s time to conquer the mountain Manaslu. You will start your climbing journey at 1:00 am with a goal to reach the summit at 7 – 10 am.

Just below the main summit, there is false summit which many operators claim to be main summit. With mystic mountain treks, you will get to the main summit. The main summit routes goes through exposed ridges and takes about 4 hours from camp 6 hours.

The climbing is not technical but you have to rely on ropes and follow the lead of Sherpa guide strictly.

Outline Itinerary

DayDay Acitivity
Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu (1,300m) and transfer to the hotel
Day 02: Official formalities & sightseeing of Kathmandu valley
Day 03: Drive from Kathmandu to Soti Khola
Day 04: Trek Starts: Soti Khola to Machha Khola
Day 05: Machha Khola to Jagat
Day 06: Jagat to Deng
Day 07: Deng to Namrung
Day 08: Namrung to Samagaun
Day 09: Acclimatization at Samagaun
Day 10: Samagaun to Manaslu Base Camp
Day 11-35: Climbing period of Mt. Manaslu, descend to the base camp
Day 36: Base Camp to Samagaon
Day 37: Samagaon to Samdo
Day 38: Samdo to Dharmasala/Larkya Phedi
Day 39: Dharmasala to Larkya La (5,160m/16,930ft) to Bimthang
Day 40: Bimthang to Gho
Day 41: Gho to Dharapani (1,920m/6,300ft) to Tal
Day 42: Tal to Besi Sahar (760m/2,495ft) to Kathmandu
Day 43: Final Departure

Upon your arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport (Kathmandu), we will receive you outside the terminal hall and transfer you to the pre-booked hotel. Once you check in to the hotel, you can stay in your bed for as long as you want or take a tour of the medieval city.

In the evening, you will join a welcome dinner hosted by Mystic Mountain Treks in an authentic Nepali restaurant with cultural shows.


AccomodationOvernight in Kathmandu
MealsBreakfast Lunch Dinner

We will help you complete all the formalities required for Manaslu peak expedition. And once the formalities are completed, you will make a tour to four UNESO world heritage sites of Kathmandu city. The heritage sites include Pashupatinath (most sacred Hindu temple), Swayambhunath (2,000 years old monkey temple), Boudhanath (largest Buddhist stupa) and Kathmandu Durbar Square (ancient royal seat). In the evening, we will have a brief discussion regarding the expedition and feel free to ask about any doubts.

AccomodationOvernight in Kathmandu
MealsBreakfast Lunch Dinner

After early morning breakfast, you with your expedition team will leave the valley and drive towards Soti Khola via Prithvi Highway. Since the road route is snaky and there are lots of ups and downs, it will take 9 – 10 hours to reach the village. It is long and tiring trip but rewarding as well. Throughout the drive, you will get to enjoy the dramatic view of green fields, gushing rivers, mountain huts and stunning hills. Soti Khola is the main entrance of secluded Manaslu region.

AccomodationOvernight in Soti Khola
MealsBreakfast Lunch Dinner
Activity Duration9 – 10 hours – 138 km

You will start your trekking by crossing the bridge over the gushing Budi Gandaki River and negotiating rocks. After walking for awhile, you will drop down to the river before making a steep climb through boulder-strewn terrain. Eventually, you will reach Labishe (small Gurung Village) and from here you will notice a slight increment in elevation. After walking for few more miles you will reach Machha Khola.

AccomodationOvernight in Machha Khola
MealsBreakfast Lunch Dinner
Activity Duration5 – 6 hours

From Machha Khola, you will walk alongside the bank of Budi Gandaki and then make ups and downs over several ridges. As you reach the valley, the trail opens up and you will follow relatively gentle trail till Jagat. On the way, you can catch the mesmerizing views of high cliffs, exquisite mountains and waterfalls.

AccomodationOvernight in Jagat
MealsBreakfast Lunch Dinner
Activity Duration5 – 6 hours

After breakfast, you will continue through Mani walls and walk further exploring the stone-built houses of Ghatta Khola. Then you will make your way towards Philim before dropping down the green slopes. The trail onward crosses the Budi Gandaki River and goes through verdant bamboo forest before reaching Deng. At Deng, you can enjoy the influence of Tibetan Buddhism which is well-presented through ancient Tibetan monasteries and prayer flags.

AccomodationOvernight in Deng
MealsBreakfast Lunch Dinner
Activity Duration6 – 7 hours

After heartily breakfast, you will follow the snaky trail with lots of ups and downs. First you will reach the small settlement of Ghap and then advance towards Namrung. The trail from Ghap is long and tiring but at a same time refreshing with full of spectacular landscapes and green bamboo forest. Further walking through magical rhododendron forest, you will make a final climb to Namrung. You will have cross the police check-post to get access to the village.

AccomodationOvernight in Namrung
MealsBreakfast Lunch Dinner
Activity Duration 6 – 7 hours

After breakfast, you will walk up to Samagaun. Since you will gain 871m elevation, you will start early and walk slow in order to acclimatize your body. Beyond Samagaunm, you will walk past the cascading waterfall to reach the village of Barchham. From here, you will rise gently up to the village of Lihi and then descend down to Hinan River. Further walking through the village of Sho, you will reach Numla River. En route, you will get astounding view of lush meadows, shimmering Manaslu and Himal Chuli. Walking through the gentle trail through verdant pastures for few more hours, you will finally reach the Samagaun.

AccomodationOvernight in Samagaun
MealsBreakfast Lunch Dinner
Activity Duration5 – 6 hours

Today is scheduled as the acclimatization day for exotic Manaslu Expedition. Today you will explore the exciting culture of Sama Village and visit numbers of prayer mills, age-old monasteries and piled mani stones with sacred writings on it. Moreover, you will be stunned to witness the meticulous woodcraft and towering snow-capped peak standing upfront. A small trip to Pungyen Gumba offers you an indescribable feeling of sanity and holiness amidst of pristine environment of Himalaya. Add to this, you can add more fun by including a short hike to the freshwater lake of Birendra Taal known for its turquoise water and astonishing reflection of Himalaya.

AccomodationOvernight in Samagaun
MealsBreakfast Lunch Dinner

After proper acclimatization at Samagaun, it is time to involve in real mountain expedition journey. Beyond Samagaun, you will continue through steep slopes that takes you to the glaciated terrain. The trail then passes through Birendra Kunda which is perched majestically at the lap of glacier. The turquoise water of Birendra Kunda offers the enchanting reflection of Manaslu and its northern icefall to the visitors passing by.

The trail beyond is steep and long so you will walk slowly with frequent breaks. As you reach the base camp, you will meet your Sherpa crewmate who will guide you to the top of the mountain from here on. Your Sherpa crewmate will thoroughly check your gear and make necessary preparation for next day’s journey.

AccomodationCamp overnight at Manaslu Base Camp
MealsBreakfast Lunch Dinner
Activity Duration4 – 5 hours

This is the day you have been desperately waiting for. The first day includes a trial climb through a snowy trail up to a certain point of the mountain. Your Sherpa crew will work really hard to make your journey safe and convenient.

They will set your camp at high mountains, create anchors and tie ropes for you. Add to this, they will also look after your meals and other stuff on the mountain. After proper acclimatization, you will climb steeply over rocks and boulders following the lead of your guide.

In order to reach Camp 1, you will have to negotiate lots of snow slopes and climb through ice cliffs that are toughly inclined. The trail from Camp 1 and Camp 2 is quite tough where the team has negotiated moderate-angled snowy slopes.

The climbing route from Camp2 to 3 is straight forwards with few snow slopes and one short but steep section. Camp 3 – Camp 4 is quite tough with steep slopes and you have to rely on fixed ropes and crampons. The final climb from camp 4 to the summit is not as technical but is long and demands steady progress over the snow slopes. From the top of a mountain, you can enjoy the insane view of surrounding mountains including the Ganesh and Manaslu range. It is very risky to stay long on the top of the mountain, so you will drop down to the base camp retracing the same route you’ve used previously.

AccomodationCamp Overnight
MealsBreakfast Lunch Dinner
After completing an adventurous Manaslu Expedition, you will follow the glacial moraine and retrace your step back to Samagaon. You will feel quite warm and comfortable here.
AccomodationOvernight in Samagaon
MealsBreakfast Lunch Dinner
The route from Samagaon to Samdo is moderate with a glorious view of Manaslu and great hills. As you walk beyond Samagon, the trail follows the Budhi Gandaki River and then menders through Khormo Kharda which offers great views of snow-capped peaks and mani walls. You will make a few ups and downs before dropping down to the river and crossing a bridge. A final short climb takes you to the village of Samdo which unveils the ancient Tibetan history.
AccomodationOvernight in Samdo
MealsBreakfast Lunch Dinner
Activity Duration3 – 4 hours
After breakfast, you will walk westward and climb through the forest of Juniper and rhododendron with the occasional encounter of wildlife. As you approach the Dharmasala, the view becomes more dramatic and the view of stunning Syacha Glacier never lets you take your eye off from it.
AccomodationOvernight in Dharmasala
MealsBreakfast Lunch Dinner
Activity Duration 4 – 5 hours

Today is the day you have been desperately waiting for. You will start early as the trail is quite long and tiring. You will start your day with ascending through the cold and windy weather. First you will cross the frozen lakes moraine and then walk through snow littered terrain which can be challenging and adventurous at the same time. The majestic Himlung Himal (7,126m), Cheo Himal (6,820m), Gyaji Kung (7,030m) and Annapurna II (7,937m) stands right in front of you. As you make it to the top of Larkya La Pass, you will feel the great sense of accomplishment and apart from the views of Himalayas, you will get to witness the majestic sections of Tibetan plateau.

The descending trial to Bimthang might be slippery (in presence of snow) so be cautious and walk gradual until you reach the wide and relatively flat section of Bimthang.

AccomodationOvernight in Bimthan
MealsBreakfast Lunch Dinner
Activity Duration8 – 9 hours
Today the trail drops down through the stunning landscapes and crosses the icy glacier with lots of ups and downs. Soon you will reach the easier and warm part of the trail with magical pine forest and meadows. You will join the bank of Dudhkhola and walk along it to reach the village of Gho.
AccomodationOvernight in Gho
MealsBreakfast Lunch Dinner
Activity Duration5 – 6 hours
After breakfast, you will walk through more green forest and lush fields with relatively large villages that are dotted along the trail. Like before, you will continue following the Dudh Koshi River to reach the beautiful settlement of Tilije and further descend will lead you to the Thonje village. Crossing the suspension bridge over the Marshyangdi River, you will reach the village of Dharapani. You can either stay overnight at Dharapani (the starting point of Annapurna Circuit Trek) or walk for next 1 – 2 hours to Tal.
AccomodationOvernight in Tal
MealsBreakfast Lunch Dinner
Activity Duration3-4 Hours
After breakfast, you will bid farewell to the Himalayan and untouched nature and take a ride through bumpy & dusty road to Bensi Sahar. The road trail onward from Bensi Sahar is snaky but smooth. Enjoy the green view of hills, terraced fields and Himalayas for the last time.
AccomodationOvernight in Kathmandu
MealsBreakfast Lunch Dinner
Activity Duration190km, 7 – 8 hours drive
Your adventurous Manaslu Expedition Comes to an end today. An airport representative from the Mystic Mountain Treks will drive you back to Tribhuvan International Airport for your final departure.

Cost Include

  • All Airport transfers
  • Three Star Hotel in Kathmandu as per itinerary
  • An experienced, professional and government licensed trekking guide
  • Climbing & Trekking Permits and necessary paper work (Manaslu climbing permit, MACAP and ACAP entry permit)
  • Kathmandu to Soti Khola and Tal to Kathmandu private jeep transport
  • All the ground transportation in private vehicle as per itinerary
  • An English speaking, experienced and professional trek guide
  • A team of Experienced, professional, English speaking and friendly Sherpa Guide for climbing expedition
  • Friendly and experienced porters (2 trekkers: 1 porter)
  • restricted area permit fee
  • All the fees for sightseeing including entry fees of heritage sites and national parks
  • A comprehensive medical kit, high altitude medicines and oxygen tank with extra cylinder
  • All the required paper works and permits
  • All the applicable taxes and service charges

Cost Exclude

  • Nepal entry visa fee
  • International airfare to and from Kathmandu
  • Personal nature expenses – phone calls, laundry, bar bills, extra porters, hot showers and more
  • Tips for guide and porters
  • Emergency evacuation and rescue
  • Travel Insurance

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